Thursday, August 8, 2019


He wore it for the thousands... He said.
So I came out to research this crowd.
I'm in a familiar City but all my friends are either out of town or I am forbidden to see.
Forbidden to see someone who brings so much joy. So much excitement. So much connection.
Hahahah can you imagine... Being forbidden
Sacrilege in this day and age
Born ahead of this century... So how do we make this work?
Could we make this work?
Should we make this work?
Because my head sways through states of mind
Almost like I'm tripping and begin to observe myself as a creature.

Sometimes you don't realise how happy you are
Sometimes you don't realise how happy you can be
Sometimes you realise meaning surpasses happiness
.. And sometimes you just want to watch the world burn as fire kills disease

I love who I am
I am excited for who I can be
I fondly look back on who I was...

I'm also interested in the moment people learn that ultimate freedom means ultimate responsibility.

- Sleeps

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Hero Dies

You taught me that my dark was not to be ashamed of, but instead to be explored
Expressed through means for which i had no skill nor any business being in
you taught me it wasn't a matter of being skilled, instead a matter of being
I then began to be
The deeper i went the higher i grew
The liars, the posers, the adored slowly began to be less relevant and even an absurd use of time
From a boy day dreaming of meteor shows, to a man standing alone.
Understanding death more than he did life.
Life, an essence of 'love', which is probably why no one could understand or explain it.
He just saw the decaying nature of it. The endless war and promise of death.
So he promised death to all those he touched.
And through their re-birth they could maybe hold hands and talk with each other.
Now they were finally free to...
Now they were finally free of...

You taught me, that search and destroy was a beautiful thing, not a militant one.
Continuously destroying oneself. The most creative approach to life.

Countless other learnings... but today you taught me out of all current issues, from tribalism to racism, the biggest issue facing todays society is... white men

A hero didn't just die... i did too.

Monday, August 5, 2019


Hit me
Hit me!
Beat the fear out of me
Beat the weakness and lethargic tendencies
Bruise and strike my ego until its cowardice is shown and revealed for all to see
You will finally see me, but may not know myself to introduce myself

- Sleeps


I don't like to talk to people. I prefer to write.
People are stupid
And if they're not stupid they're cowards


I love you (you're awesome)
But know you're going through trouble and truely sorry for having been a part of that
You don't need to apologise at all
We can remain close or never speak again
And if you need to crush and throw me away
That's fine, but please don't do it in my face
I may not deserve much, but I deserve better than that
You can begin to speak their language, I understand how important it can be to do so
But I just can't. Not anymore.
- Sleeps


Ask me the questions no one else does
As basic as they may seem
I may need time
To think
To answer
To know
I was in a lucid dream
I can't remember what it was about but do remember being aware that I was aware I was in a dream
Perhaps I took the attitude that it simply be another state of being
... Ah pleasantries, the Trojan horse of phoney relationships

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Safety will be the death of us

Paid to be bubbly
Paid to feel
Paid to make others feel
Well, hey, I'd pay for attention if it didn't come with an emotional hangover
I'm sure many would and many do
Opening opportunities for the emotionally scared
To feel adored
But safe
But safe
But safety will be the death of us

- Sleeps