Sunday, September 2, 2018


With a sip of whiskey
I'm thrown back into history
My history
Existential dispare
Becomes compare
Becomes companion
I'm so thankful for

- Sleeps

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Be not

Don't hug him to show me
I couldn't give a fuck if you're available
You're not important to me at this point
You're a thought among many that may or may not take hold
And taking hold is a process
A process with a long list of distractions and hierarchical filtering. A filtering you will be highly susceptible to.
If you want to remain you have to 'be'... And you look like more of a concept.

I respect any culture that enables people to sit alone in quiet reflection.
People seem to be nothing without people... Which is ashame.

- sleeps

Cheers, George

Cheers George
Thanks for smoking and covering your whole mouth with your hand while doing so
Thanks for tearing up when I left for Chicago
And thanks for remembering me when I switched off the accent
It's easy to grieve when your conscious has no clue what's happening.
It's like the polar opposite of jumping out of a plane
Screaming out of disbelief is a non sequitur when your sub conscious is seasoned in these affairs.
But focus really takes a hit
It's like your soul takes over and indirectly let's you know nothing is worth your focus
Wondering aimlessly and starring at nothing is a much more affective use of time...
And maybe it is when you have nothing to show for your time from the numbers game yoou'vebeen playing
The pointlessness strangely enough brings a smile to the face
... It reminds me of the great reveal experienced long ago
And reminds me it's all just a game
... So let's play, George
Let's Play

- sleeps

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Metal bird

I try to be a simple guy.
But not sure my mind will allow me

Things are always so beautiful from afar
Like a nervous system
Lit up and glowing into the dark fabric of matter
We circle and glide down to earth like an industrial, metalic, but majestic bird
At first smooth and slow, to then swoop closer to the chaotic nature of the earth.
I imagined myself as a pedestrian and how insignificant I'd become not knowing anything of the ineffable experiences above the clouds.
My journey, not so much of distance, but of mind... Or lack there of.
I recall my youth and how I would gaze into material things and extract philosophy and meaning.
These days finding nothingness and peace.
These days interaction on auto pilot
These days replacing thought with chatter
These days... Could be days of the past or future or stuck on loop... I wouldn't know if there were not a calendar view next to the email tab.
When the fuck am I going to start doing something of meaning again?

- Sleeps

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sat night

A dark place to come and find things you don't want
A late night to consciously look for dreams.
I don't know why
                            We operate in mazes
Some of us just like stairs.

- Sleeps


Things are slipping deeper
It's the drink. It's the lack of interaction
How do you remain anonymous without drawing attention these days?
anonymous bars, anonymous curreny, anonymous land...
then who do you become?
Or your ego?
If we all had to explain ourselves we'd either all be confused...
Or all be clarified

...But there's no direction, just vectors.
People. Memories. Movement.
Some strive to move 'up' and find themselves lost when the gravity losses its strength in the stratosphere.

- Sleeps


Lean on me
as you're no good with words
Contact me where no one can see
Swim with me and play
I play for death
It's a game of who cares less (from each other)
The less you care for your loss, the more you win
Pass the stairs. Pass what's not
There by the new space


Send hate and i'll react
because I lost my sense of humour
because I got use to comfort
because I moved closer to sales
because I'm afraid to lose
because prepping for success was more important than being successful
(" more about being right than being affective")

Send love and I won't rect
because I feel I'm the only one who can
because I don't believe you
because I always want other things
because I feel I don't exist

- Sleeps